The term "disk space" is oftentimes labeled as "disk quota" or "data storage", yet all these words mean the same thing - the volume of data that you are able to upload to a cloud website hosting account. The full size of everything you have is determined by accumulating the storage space taken by the entire content in the account, the most apparent being the files you upload. Two other things are often forgotten by various users, though - email messages along with databases. Large attachments or databases of huge script-driven websites can often use a lot of disk space too. In order to employ a more familiar analogy, the hard drive space of your computer system is used not only by files you download, but also by documents you create plus programs you install. In the same way, numerous things are counted for the disk space that your information employs on a web hosting server, in addition to the uploads.

Disk Space in Cloud Website Hosting

In order to suit the processing performance behind all of our cloud website hosting plans, we've considered and employed the perfect system for the disk space - your account is not created using a single server, but on a cluster platform. As a result, what we've assembled is an entire cluster of servers which is dedicated to the file storing only, so that you should never worry about not having enough hard drive space and having to switch to a new server because your current one can't accommodate more content. If more space is needed, all we have to do is attach extra machines to our cluster, so that the hard drive space is practically inexhaustible. Of course, our Linux cloud website hosting service are designed to be employed for websites, not for a repository of large files. We also have individual machines for the databases and the email messages.

Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you obtain a semi-dedicated server package from our firm, you do not need to concern yourself with the storage space that you may use due to the simple reason that the characteristic is limitless. Unlike lots of other website hosting suppliers that advertise the same service, but set up accounts using just a single machine where only so much hard drives can be connected, we employ an innovative cloud platform using groups of servers. All your files will be stored on one cluster, the e-mails on a different one, the databases on a third one etc. This platform has two significant advantages - first, the hdd storage will not ever finish since we'll connect additional servers to any cluster that needs them, and second, the servers will work much more effectively as they'll control only one kind of processes. A semi-dedicated server package provides you the flexibility to improve your websites as much as you need.

Disk Space in VPS Servers

All of our VPS servers feature disk space quotas proportional to the processing power that you get with every package. By using a greater package, for example, it is more likely you will host a large number of domain names or a single big site, so your hdd storage increases as you upgrade your plan. When you use our Hepsia hosting Control Panel, all of the domains will share the storage space, and if you employ cPanel or DirectAdmin, you'll be able to generate distinct hosting accounts and allocate a fixed amount of the full VPS storage for every specific site. You can even share out hard disk space from one domain to another when needed. When you start with a given VPS plan and then you need additional storage afterwards, you're able to upgrade to a greater plan with just a couple of clicks in your billing area. The additional resources will be placed in your current plan with no server downtime or content migration.

Disk Space in Dedicated Servers

Our Linux dedicated servers include numerous hard drives to match the computing power you'll get, therefore you won't ever need to be worried about not having enough hard disk storage. The hard disks can be used in RAID, which means a drive can be used as a mirror of another one to make sure that all your data will always be secured, or you can use it individually for even greater total storage space. Hundreds of gigabytes of disk storage space will be available all of the time, so that you'll be able to run enormous sites, upload enormous files or even keep a copy of your personal archive. Since a dedicated server is the most powerful type of hosting, you can upload/download files with ultra fast speeds. If necessary, we also provide the option to include more hard disks and employ even further storage for your content. We supply three hosting Control Panels with our dedicated servers - using Hepsia, all domain names will share the overall server space and will be operated from a single place, whereas with DirectAdmin and cPanel you'll have the option to set up separate web hosting accounts with pre-selected disk space quotas for each domain name hosted on the server.