If you have a site, you most likely rely on the backup system the hosting company employs considering that it's not likely that you are keeping a daily backup of your content on your personal machine. The backup can save you in a number of situations including deleting some content by accident or an unauthorized third-party accessing your account since the website may be restored to its previous state effortlessly. The only issue is that most companies keep just one copy of your content and when a new one is made, the old one is deleted. In other words, if you notice a trouble a few days after it has appeared, it'll most likely be too late and the loss of data may be irreversible. Our custom backup platform was developed to eliminate such a difficulty and it is a guarantee that you will never lose any of your data. It enables you to choose the content that needs to be restored and the date when the backup was produced by our system.

Browsable Daily Backups in Cloud Website Hosting

The backup service is turned on by default for each cloud website hosting solution that we offer and unlike other providers, we keep a copy of your files 4 times a day. We also keep the backups for the last seven days and we don't delete any one of them, so in the event that you need any content from a specific day and hour, you can restore it without difficulty. Although our technical support can aid you with that, you will not have to lose time to contact them since all backups are available as browsable folders inside the File Manager section of the Hepsia CP, which is used to control the shared hosting accounts, so restoring a backup is as easy as copying a folder or a specific file based on what you need. In order to avoid any unintentional deletions, the backups are in read-only mode, so they can be copied, but not altered. When you use our hosting services, you will not need to worry that you could lose data under any circumstances.

Browsable Daily Backups in Dedicated Hosting

All backups that we'll produce in case you have a semi-dedicated server account from our enterprise could be accessed as conventional folders within the File Manager of the Hepsia CP and they are created four times per day, therefore we are at least 2 steps ahead of our competition. The backups are stored for one week and you can restore a particular file, a folder or an entire Internet site by copying it from the backup directory to the www directory where your live content is. All backups feature a timestamp that'll tell you when they were created, so you can use the one you need or even get numerous files from different backups. For security reasons, all backup directories that you are able to surf are in read-only mode to make certain that they can't be deleted by chance. That way we will always have many copies of your data and you will always be able to check out any of them just as if you are browsing a conventional folder inside your semi-dedicated account.